Sunday, July 8, 2012


“Soooo – one of my bucket list items for this staycation week was to hit a spin class - ya in?” I asked my sister-in-law tentatively, assessing if she’d want to take a break from what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway to deal with her lack-o-confidence sis that belonged to her husband.

“Yes– I’m in! When shall we go?”

Of course she was gung-ho and supportive as she is with all things, but this meant I had to buck up and really do it. With a triatholon chic nonetheless. This could end up being a terrible idea. But true to her non-judgmental, always teaching, always assisting nature, she and I suited up in gym attire and hit the 8:30 a.m. with my favorite New Yorker as the instructor.

Entering the darkened room I had no idea what to expect (did I mention I had to ask where the spin room was and I’ve belonged to the gym for a year?), but the loud pumping of club music, people self-focusing and pedaling away and Laura the instructor already cracking jokes, I immediately felt at ease. Several minutes later, the SIL gave me a plethora of helpful tips, assisted with my pedals and seat position, shared a few pearls of wisdom no one tells you, and we were off.

Unable to keep up with the rest of the class just minutes in, I was still comfortable (well, as comfortable as winded and numb hamstrings could be) and felt my confidence growing, striding along with the others, judgment free and enjoying the drops of sweat cascading down my back, a tension my legs hadn’t felt in years and the challenge of trying something new. Usher rang loudly over the speakers above as Laura barked out orders, keeping up with us and poking fun while still encouraging the class as only she can. An energetic rider next to us made it extra fun, his “woos!” and hand clapping and cycle dancing adding to the energy in the room. All levels of fitness pressed on, and suddenly, the hour was up.

What?! Really? I had only looked at the clock once before this wishing the hands would tick by a bit more quickly.

As I waited to regain my leg consciousness and hopped off while the other slowly cycled down, I vowed to make this part of my weekly trip to the gym and cursed myself for not trying it earlier. A few questions asked of Laura afterward and a big, sweaty hug to my SIL for being my right hand woman in putting myself out there, and I was hooked. This is one spin/cycle I could actually enjoy vs. that responsible for cleaning our clothes at home.

Now to find those cute Lululemon bike shorts…

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