Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taper?! But I Haven't Started Training Yet!

This was my exact thought as I was so rudely interrupted by my BlackBerry (pink of course) that alerted me with an email that stated:

"Congratulations! You have reached your taper week. Enjoy a few days of relaxation because you've worked hard to prepare for your upcoming 10k walk."

As my cheeks turned a dark shade of fuschia, I quickly logged on to my Google calendar and scheduled two weeks of training. So much for tapering...

Did I mention I can barely sit and type this because Ellie and I just did three miles in 45 minutes? And that's only half the battle! I swear my hips out-age me by 50 years of my youthful 28 actual years of age.

So keep your fingers crossed for that 10k Hospital Hill half marathon (and yes "hill" implies the literally painfully obvious) coming up on June 7!

XOXO ~ Megs

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