Sunday, October 19, 2008

A "I Wish I Had Thought of That" Moment - New Yorker Living Like Oprah and Making Headlines, Book Deals

On any given work day, one can pass my office and see a quote snatched right from Oprah's "quote of the day" emails - one of the delectable inbox treats I indulge in that doesn't related directly to my work, personal life or "to do" list. Scrawled in pink paint marker among a black background, it reminds me to keep perspective when all else seems lost. With just a quick turn of my head after receiving difficult feedback or after another 10-hour day, it's there with it's enormity - a few words written by someone way smarter and cooler than me - and I have to say, it's inspirational!

After all - that's what Oprah sells: inspiration. You can see it everyday in the eyes of her millions of viewers that tune looking for that one piece of advice, that moment of empathy or maybe just a recommendation on what skin care to use or jeans to purchase for that hard to manage waist-to-behind ratio. But nothing compares to what Ms. Robyn Okrant's done to gain this inspiration. This New Yorker is literally taking EVERY recommendation the billionaire throws out to viewers and applying it in her own life as a quest to see the social impact it makes. So far, Robyn's made CNN, the Today Show and almost every major newspaper in the United States! You know it's only a few days before Oprah's team runs the whole background check and invites her to the show. Then she can hug her in person! Can you imagine?

Let's face it - I'm jealous! Robyn, the educated yoga queen turned famous overnight for bettering herself from Oprah, is having her 15 minutes of fame. And I want a piece of it!

Yet another "I Wish I Had Thought of That" moment from Megan Choate - although it would still probably sound way more hip coming from New Yorker than this Kansas girl ;)

Cheers to innovation Robyn! May you delight in all it brings you!

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