Thursday, July 23, 2009

Like Sheryl Crow Says – A Change Could Do Me Good

I tapped my foot anxiously as I sat perched in my home office, my signature move of one foot tucked underneath me modified with my new pregnant state. Tackling tasks that seemed manageable while waiting for “the phone call,” I chewed nervously on a pen cap and shared sneaky glances with the dog, who wasn’t sure quite what was going on. “We’re waiting to hear about the job El!” I said to her, watching her cock her head because these words were different from “treat, eat, hungry or bye-bye.” Torn between wanting my cell to shrill and avoiding it because then it would close my fate, I placed it on different parts of the desk as if that would sway some sort of magical force of communication that I had been longing to hear.

Moments later, Kenny Chesney’s voice filled the room, indicating not that our wedding CD was playing, but that my cell was ringing. A quick glance at the screen told me it was, indeed, work calling and I scrambled to hit the right button.

“Hello?” I greeted, my voice sounding awkward when I had been working to make it sound cool. “Hey Megan, it’s Jennifer,” said my potential supervisor on the line in her always poised, professional tone. “Hi – how are you?” I say, again sounding like a fool for of course I was expectedly waiting by the phone. “Well, I’m calling….” she seems to draw out the sentence as I manically start shuffling papers around to calm my nerves and try to listen carefully and anticipate what she’s going to say next.


Now those words I hear loud and clear yet the reality of their actual meaning seems to echo loosely between my burning ears. As my heart starts beating rapidly and I start to wonder if getting off cardiac meds had been the best idea, I feel my son tumbling rapidly in my tummy and a small smile creep upon the corners of my mouth and in the tone of my voice. From then it becomes a blur as I tackle the emotions that seem to be flying at me, from a sense of accomplishment, to excitement, to fear of change, to “can I do this,” etc. Yet that ol’ reliable pit in my stomach new instantly – that fabulous little thing we call “gut instinct” that kicks in before our heart and mind get in the way of all the planning and paving that’s, in my opinion, not really in our control anyway. I battled through the day, calling Mike first, spreading the good news to trusted colleagues and friends and doing my crazy “input” personality thing of assessing, making lists, creating stories in my head, etc. Exactly 24-hours later, I accepted with glee, pondering what this would mean for my budding career, growing family and yearning-to-grow heart and mind.

And so it came to be that I will transition within my current company (Child Health Corporation of America) from a Communications Manager to a Solutions Manager, a journey that is sure to be filled with surprises, joy, challenges, growth and endless opportunities. For my faithful blog followers (thank you!) this means I will manage four groups within 43 pediatric hospitals and lead them through projects, help them find resources, attend to their needs, host meetings, and help them improve any way they can so they can deliver the best care to children within their organizations. I will travel to various cities approximately 25 days out of the year and work for a budding group of women that I’m positive could take over the universe with their intellect, talents and skills. Sounds perfect for the Miss Party Planner I am, right? Bringing peers together to solve big problems for the betterment of the world? Sign me up! Oh wait…I did!

As I tuck myself into bed each night I think about all this can mean for my growing family, my dreams laced with the impact this could make for the organization, my personal and professional life and health care in general and me. So even when those seeds of doubt trickle in or I’m terrified of the amount of change being thrown into Team Choate’s life in the next three to six months, I hold on to the my mantra of “everything happens for a reason” and look forward with anticipation and excitement for all that is ahead. We are so thankful to not only be employed, but for me to have the luxury of working somewhere that I am passionate about and fully use the skills that I've been blessed with - we are very aware this is one of life's greatest gifts particularly in these times. Thank you to our friends and family who continue to support us on this journey from new careers to new babies and so much more – you are the reason this journey is worth traveling!


elammon said...

Congrats, Megan! I'm so proud of you! Your life is just full of exciting news these days. How fun. When are you coming to CO for a visit? You and Mike (and the Babe) are welcome any time.

elammon said...

The above Comment is from Hilary. Sorry had to use a weird email address. Love you!

Wendy said...

How fantastic! Congrats, Megan!