Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Not a Bird or a Plane..

"It's Suuuppeerr Baby!"

As my fingers crawl quickly over the keyboard knocking out the rest of the day's work, I pause to delight in the play happening between my two favorite men acting out Superman tactics just down the stairs. Not knowing I was nearby, my ears cocked and my eyes brightening with a ginormous smile, I capture snippets of their conversation and picture Mike floating Lawson's little body through the playroom while he responds with squeals of delight. As toys are shoved aside to make room for knee scootches, I hear:

- "And the only thing that can fight the kryptonite are Mommy and Daddy's kisses!"
- "Your powers are insurmountable...you cannot be defeated. You are SUPER BABY!" (followed by his very own soundtrack)
- "Apparently Super Baby is allergic to cats..." (as Lawson sneezes when Sully trots by)
- "And Super Baby super farts...blowing the world to pieces!"
- "Super Baby to the rescue!"

Finally, nearly 30 minutes later, some minor whimpering because all good things have to come to an end.

Super Daddy. Super Baby.

I am the luckiest Wonder Woman in the world...

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