Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It's not just today...

It's everyday I'm thankful for the ladies in my life.

To those that have gone before me, to create more opportunity than I can even imagine.

To my Mom who I talk to every single day and understands furniture needs rearranging on Sundays.

To my mentors, who lead by design and tell me nothing is too far out of my reach.

To my tribes, who love so unconditionally they can be called nothing but family.

To mothers, who take on the impossible job of loving their children so fiercely, while also letting them find their own way.

To leaders, who inspire us all to be better and do the things people used to ask permission for.

To my colleagues and friends, who leave little notes on my trail when a day was a little less sunny.

To providers, who spend a little more time asking you about your symptoms, fluffing your towel or holding your anxious child's hand as he enters new territory.

To strangers, who make conversation on a crowded train, because you know, we're women.

Today was interesting as one of the initiatives being pushed forward was for others to experience "a day without women." But in my experience, all my days have been better because all of these women?

They show up.

And for that, I'm eternally grateful.

The world is a better place, with you, woman.

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