Monday, December 4, 2017

Decking our Halls

"Yep, drag that sucker up here!" I shouted to the hubs, taking advantage of his wine-induced coma after a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. No sooner is the last candle blown out and the dishes stacked next to the sink that our family begins decking our halls for Christmas.

As the tree made its way up the stairs, we began evaluating our space and dreaming of how it would look over the next few days with sparkle and lights. Given it's the second year in this home, our vision was pretty solid, but it's always fun to mix it up just a little.

A room with a view: simple snow-coated succulents, pics Santa, gentle lit garland
on the stair, traditional stockings and mixed up the red and black buffalo plaid
ribbons on the tree and accents with some gray and white.

Simple switch of regular items and added some golden glass trees,
sparkling evergreen and jingle bells.

The table is used often for crafts and dumping mail, so
keeping it simple is key. These are great staples from Chip & Joanna's
Target line.

Simplicity mid-island as much family activity occurs in
this happy place. Some sprinkled snow, pinecones, mix
of ornaments in a Hearth & Home lantern. 

A touch of spirit near the oven, including the warmest
winter scent of birch.

The countdown is on next to a big ol' pile of candy canes.

The top of the coffee table is reserved for monster truck racing, so
kept it simple with lanterns, battery-operated candles and a
pop of winter greens.

Keeping the family tradition alive with Dickens' houses passed
on by my Grandma. Fake snow and a village lines our front
cabinet as guests enter.

The Lego winter village gained a train station this year! A holiday
favorite for the kids to build and use their imagination for the month.

There's something about the spirits and sparkle that makes us want to snuggle in, curl up by the fire and slow our pace to really enjoy time with the family. We can't wait to share it with those we love over the coming weeks!

May your interpretation of holiday space bring you all the happiness this year.

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