Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little Seeds of Joy (aka 1-800-Flowers)

Attention men: for we women, it really IS about the little things...or maybe the bright, smelly, gorgeous wild things. Today I was reminded of this as a bunch of beautiful flowers packed with star gazers, lillies, greens and things I cannot even name were delivered to the office to this grinning girl...

Do you see that face??? Now, take that times 10 because that that's exactly what it was...10 minutes of 10 women oohhing and ahhing over what had now become the benchmark of romance for every girl that had been married too long, didn't have a man or even one guy who wondered what the fuss was all about. With the click of a button or the fingertap of a quick phone call, this new beau had played his cards right for all the girls on the second floor who quickly returned to their offices to give their significant others the "hint." He's already ahead in our book. So here's to you, new beau, for making our girl smile in the way she truly deserves for the wonderful, fabulous, phenomenal woman she is. May you continue to bring her seeds of joy!

And don't forget, these types of little gestures can come in even smaller packages. Check out this little dazzler my dear friend Erica sent me to brighten my week...a flower fit just for a finger of a girl feeling a bit too preggo to be cute in anything but a chunky, sparkle-laden, desired flower ring. Love!!!

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