Friday, February 12, 2010

Top 10 Ways You Know You're a Mom (This Week)

1. Your hair appointments are now squished in over your workday lunch hour versus the luxurious weekend outing they used to be. Instead of enjoying the intro head massage, you will your hairdresser to get through it quicker so you can back to multi-tasking. “Spa day” is a foreign vocabulary word from your long, lost past.
2. The latest accessory you wear out with a trendy set of women is spit up on your shoulder.
3. Before 5 a.m. seems like a reasonable hour to rise and shine.
4. Nail polish from potentially two months ago still lines your fingers.
5. You easily settle for a shirt that was worn not quite a full work day and 3-day old jeans as an acceptable outfit to throw on.
6. Words and names are no longer part of your intellect. You also frequently think, “now what was I just going to do again?”
7. You are completely taken aback that a gentleman might steal a glance at you…then you quickly tell yourself he was admiring the single, sassy blonde that surely is standing nearby.
8. Spine alignment is a whole new adventure from passing out in rocking chairs, balancing a 5-month old on your hip or trying to nurse a growing kiddo.
9. Your conversations with your husband consist of high-pitched goo goo noises until you realize your target audience has changed…10 minutes later.
10. You are the happiest, most fulfilled, awestruck and in love woman on the planet that thinks daily to herself that although life is a little mad, you just wouldn’t change a thing.

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