Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Red Lines – And Not the Good Kinds that Indicate a Sale

“Red bars, red bars!” I half-grumbled, half-screamed into the not so still of the night.

“Whose turn is it?” said Mike in his voice that meant he was pretending to be alert and helpful but not really planning on fully waking and tackling the screaming conundrum that had become the baby in the room next door.

“Argh…it’s mine,” I said, exhausted and frazzled from the week’s events, but still oddly excited that I had the opportunity to visit my wee one in the middle of the night. Taking one last glance at the red bars and using my forefinger to tap the web cam, I realized that yes, this one would require a trip down the short hall to snuggle the little man into blissful slumber once again.

It’s funny the small things that play such a large significance in your day to day (or night to night) after having a child. For example – the red bars. Once an indicator that yes, I could purchase the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, these red lines have now become an indication that the thing I care most about in life is in some sort of distress. Either that, or he’s snoring, really, really loud, which is the case about 30 percent of the time. Even better is when a particularly audible flatulent noise triggers the red bars, or a midnight conversation occurs that only Lawson’s stuffed animals can interpret.

So here we are, living by the monitor’s red lines and working our hardest to keep up with the little guy that has stolen our hearts. Now, if you’ll excuse me, the lines are registering at yellow which means red is right around the corner…

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