Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Leaf

“I don’t know what to write,” I whined to Mike as he so kindly gathered the dishes from the family room and attempted to wipe off the crusty glaze that had consumed what was once a lovely dish from Pottery Barn.

“I don’t know – do weight loss or happiness or something,” he said half-heartedly, his body beginning to turn rigid as he knew he had just walked himself into the timeless tradition we females all have with our partners. You know what’s coming next…

“So – you think I’m FAT?!”

You know how the rest of that goes…

So this year, with a whole new set of pressures upon me and a limited wish list that consists of enjoying life and really, really enjoying my new baby, I decided to take my dear friend Karen’s approach to improving in 2010. Instead of compiling a list of resolutions in a darling new notepad purchased just for that purpose, I grabbed my trusty old journal, uniquely simple and lined and set out to change six habits in the next few years and focus on one word for the 365 days. Here’s what I came up with:

The assignment: Choose one word to focus on in 2010 and apply to all things possible. My choice:
Be gentle on me. Be gentle on you. To strangers. To colleagues. With my words. With my heart. On my body. On my soul. Be gentle with changes. Gentle. Applicable to so many things. And doesn’t everyone deserve a little grace and gentleness???

The assignment: Choose six habits you can begin making efforts toward in 2010. My choice:

Small but true, here’s my focus:
1. Blog two times per week
2. Journal daily
3. Work out three times per week
4. Hug/kiss my hubby twice per day
5. Declutter 15 min per day, removing 1 object out of the home daily
6. Read daily to Lawson

Sure, I could’ve dreamed bigger, but remember…I’m being gentle on myself this year. Here’s to turning over a new leaf! I’ll keep you posted on the progress. After all, with a goal to blog weekly, I will need some fresh content!

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