Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top 10 Ways a Child is Like Having a Puppy

1. Everything goes directly in the mouth, similar to a vacuum but the aftermath is much more devastating. Enough said.
2. He wakes at the crack of dawn with the most fabulously positive attitude one can muster. Too bad adults tend to lose this trait.
3. He requires me to “handle his business” – just from a diaper, not out in the yard with a scooper.
4. His eyes show all of his emotions – curiosity, joy, mischief, sleepiness, etc.
5. His hair sheds. Yep. Not in crazy, dust bunny style fashion of Ellie’s, but there are several sheet changes that happen weekly due to his newfound male pattern baldness.
6. He is the cuddliest. Morning, noon and night. Emitting a little fire of heat and the kind of unconditional love we wait our whole lives for.
7. He requires frequent grooming. Baths. Nail trims. Hair brushing. Wiping the eyes. Checking the tush. And on and on…
8. He seeks entertainment. Though he does well with some down times and naps, a squeal or cry indicates you better be dancing, singing, grabbing a toy or loving on him immediately. Shockingly similar to Ellie following us all over the house, whining and placing her head on our knees. And if you don’t provide it quickly enough and boredom sets in – watch out!
9. It’s important to have all hands on deck. When it’s eerily quiet or you step out of sight for a split second, there will be a price to pay for what is occurring in the next room.
10. Most importantly – they are family. They steal your heart when you didn’t even know it was yours to give away. You wonder how you’ll ever keep up with them, physically, emotionally and unconditionally. And you know…you will never, ever, love anything more than that precious-faced, live-altering, simply amazing being. God love ya both…

One important difference for you new parents out there…unlike a dog, it’s not cool to leave the kiddo in the car…even with the windows cracked. FYI ☺


Unknown said...

Megs, you are so right! I say this all the time, but since I am childless, people tend not to listen to or even agree with me about this. Great post!

GiGi said...

So I guess it's time for Jar and I to get our Frenchie!