Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Party of Brew

Courtesy of squidoo

“I don’t know, I think he’s caught on by now,” our neighbor winked as we sat conversing on her suede couch, anticipating the arrival of the birthday boy. The room around us was filled with warm, strange faces and festive, Pinterest ideas in every nook and cranny. We swapped stories with our newest neighbor, providing her additional arms as her one-year old discovered the joy of Reece’s Pieces and glass marbles that lined the coffee table. In five years, it was one of the first neighborhood soirees we were able to attend, and we looked forward to getting to know those who lived within feet of us just a little bit better.

Delicious smells of barbeque, wraps, chocolate, sugar cookies and dips wafted through the air as I checked out each station of beer, each labeled with darling font in pristine metal coolers. Themed a beer tasting party, each guest was asked to bring a brew of a certain kind, ours being cider (yay!). The variety was fun and delicious, and to top it off, summer brew was available in a glass pitcher nearby. It was every beer lovers’ dream.

Adult drinking games were available in the garage, laughter was shared porch-side and friendly banter was shared well into the night. Simple, well-planned and filled with a slew of kind-hearted people, it was a delightful house party and we were grateful to be included at this party of brew for us two.

Definitely stealing the idea for the future!

PS: We are officially hosting the Ugly Sweater party again this year with the Cross family in December with several of the hubs’ home brews on tap. See you there!

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