Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Wagon Full of Love

My heart is full tonight as our gaggle of girlfriends just received a much-awaited call that one of our nearest and dearest welcomed her first and lovely daughter today. I can hardly wait to see how the magic has crept into their eyes and overflowed their souls with a visit tomorrow. It won't be long until this little girl is enjoying this:

Courtesy of 1pureheart blog
A present so deliciously thoughtful I'd add it to my "gifts to give" board in a heartbeat!

As a beloved instructor, our girlfriend received a red wagon full of children's books from her students to begin her baby's library. Each book is filled with majestic colors, animated titles, slick pages and an inscriptions of well-wishes one might not suspect a middle school child capable of leaving. It's a beautiful reminder of all that's good in the world.

Just like the little angel born today.

May the wagon of love be the best journey yet for this amazing family!

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