Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Courtney and The Bachelor

“Hi, and welcome to season 29 of ‘The Bachelor.’ I’m CHRIStina Harrison and today we find out if Dan will choose Courtney as his forever love,” I said, the crowd that understood the antics giggling along. “And when I say Courtney, I mean the normal one:”

“Not this one:”

Playing along flawlessly without nary a script, Courtney and Dan were the perfect couple to spring a “Bachelor” themed party on with their up-for-anything attitudes, wit and fun spirits. The “lunch bunch,” a group of forever friends who happened to discover one another on the job, hosted the wedding shower event, flaunting the theme and making the best of their Pinterest boards:

The tables were lined with white linens (ok, plastic – this was a work party people), date cards and a single rose, which Courtney promptly gave to two-month old Cole for his first impression on the ladies. The cards spoke of some of the couple’s favorite outings, from Courtney surprising Dan with a trip to Wrigley field and Dave Matthews, to Dan dropping Courtney before the break of dawn each weekend at work. The couple mingled at first as sangria and wines were poured, then they and the guests grabbed plates to let the “cocktail party” and deliberation begin:

Several gourmet cheeses, crackers and red velvet cupcakes later, they read their personalized poems to one another, half-frightened, part-delighted at the details they may have revealed to the write to make them happen. Playing it awkward like the finalists on the ABC hit show, they worked the poems like the girl trying to impress the bachelor with a kazoo or something or other, eliciting laughs.

Next up was time for gifts, where Courtney legitimately seemed surprised and delighted with each tear, making it extra humorous she obviously wasn’t super invested in the registry process. Meanwhile, Dan wowed the crowd with his mad box-opening skills and looked like the group hung the moon when opening the much coveted Italy backpacks:


More giggles, one adorable flower girl and lots of smiles later they wrapped up the wrapping , guests staying well until the end to ask of their late September soiree and indulge in that last glass of libations. With a bit of prompting from Christina Harrison, they played it out right down to the proposal where Dan got down on one knee, proclaiming his love as if we had asked him as part of the gig:

But really, they had it down to the tee with no help at all…just like the love that Bachelorette Courtney and Bachelor Dan share. Filled with things that count like road trips, conversation over meals, regular date nights, thoughtful gestures, surprises, one-of-a-kind humor, shared values, hard work, smarts and being the most amazing friends to each other and those they hold close. It was not a show at all they needed to bring them together, rather a quick visit to a site and a night where stars aligned to create the admirable bond they now and forever will share.

So as Season 29 of “The Bachelor” comes to a close, we want to wish them the best as they start their new journey together late this month. We can’t wait to love, support and celebrate you along the way.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll end up in the background of your million-dollar wedding on ABC Trista and Ryan style?!

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