Thursday, February 6, 2014

L-O-V-E Lurve!

Seven days and counting!

It's no secret this Pisces is a sucker for Valentine's Day. Give love. Spread love. Take love. LOVE it!

Patterned hearts have lined my office door for well over a month. Conversation candies sit all sugary on my mantle. The cards have been selected (Lego Starwars for big man this year and a hilarious squirrel handing over his nuts to another squirrel for the husband - truth hurts). Dinner reservations made. Babysitter secured. And a few gift items on the brain:

A little peanut butter goodness from the boys

A sweet something for teachers and colleagues

A money is tight so I'll put my hands to work on your tired shoulders gift

An Etsy find I want you to tell my husband about - desire with two Ls with a heart in between or a M and a L, I can't pick when you tell my husband and point him to Maki Designs  ok?! ;)

Either that or just tell the mister I'd like approximately seven minutes alone without tears or insistent toddler requests.

I'm anticipating a much-needed date night, talking through 15 years of memories, rekindling a bit of romance and maybe even sporting something that doesn't contain spit up or dog hair.

We'll see...

Here's to a Valentine's week filled with more love than your little heart can handle.

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