Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Appreciating Educators

"Alright parents - it's that time of year - time to show our support of our teachers!" her post read, outlining suggested events and sign ups for the year. This Mom too, deserved a note of thanks as she made organizing an entire school between her three kids and full-time job look easy. Thank gah for Moms like this!

Though there is never quite enough one could do to honor our extraordinary educators for partnering in raising our children, this year for Teacher Appreciation Week a group of parents rallied efforts around:
     Monday: indulge them with tasty breakfast
     Tuesday: send a loving note or picture on why your teacher is appreciated
     Wednesday: send snacks for an afternoon pick-me-up
     Thursday: sweeten their teeth with cookies
On Friday we added some bright blooms for our female teachers and a bar of chocolate that seemed to be appreciated last time for our male one.

It was so much fun to look for an excuse to bake mid-week and practice the art of gratitude with our children.

And although there could never be enough thankfulness for our teachers' tireless efforts day in and day out, may they know how much they are loved, appreciated and cherished in each moment. Their compassion and care are shaping our children to be just the kind of little souls we hoped they would, all while nourishing their own spirits that belong to just them.

This is a big, big job. And not one that goes unnoticed.

So thank you teachers - ours and all of you around the world, for doing the work you do each day and likely each morning and night when you're in your own home. May the celebration of this week be felt all year round, for it's truly deserved.


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