Monday, September 7, 2015

In Stitches Over Fix 6!

"Seriously?! You're going to go home and try on enems at 12:30 a.m. and bounce out of bed four hours later?" my girlfriend remarked, our desserts half-eaten in front of us as we began winding down our fourth bottle in her beautiful new home. This monthly event was my very favorite: an evening with the bests, elbows up, hearts out over delectable food sharing laughter, tears and everything between. A second monthly favorite: the box.

Here's what was in it this month:
The Freeway Roseanne Poncho Cardigan - so cute and comfy that can be
worn a million ways and trimmed in leather. Fun! But for this woman of
substance, it wasn't all that flattering and didn't fit the bill of nearly $100. Returned.
Liverpool Denise Bootcut Jean: I didn't think even my spot-on stylist could pull
this one out, but she did! My hips, booty and quads are nearly impossible to fit, yet
this denim that truly doesn't stretch all day did its job. Plus it's a great wash and has
some flare (thank goodness it's coming back) to even out the form. Kept.

Market & Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top - kept! I found this gem after requesting
some fun and casual weekend tops to run around in with the kiddos. It's long enough, soft with a
touch of character and dark teal at a decent price.

Also included was a Greenich Striped Knit Top by Pixley, which was a navy and white striped basic tee with fun black faux leather elbow patches. This was close to a keeper thrown together with a cute colored scarf, but me and horizontal stripes don't play too well together and it was a bit snug. Finally was the Skies are Blue Genevieve Cross Back Knit Top in a pale silver/gray which was a huge miss. Not long enough, washed me out and felt kind of matronly.

Overall I was pretty pleased as usual. Keeping everything in the box is hardly ever doable for the budget and heartbreaking to have to return, and sending it all back yanks at the heartstrings a bit too. Keeping a piece or two and enjoying most of them is for me a win, and this time was no different. So thank you T!

The only thing getting tricky is that Stitch Fix is becoming a bit mainstream. Not that LOFT or Macy's wasn't, but I'm talking I showed up at a six-year old's birthday party Saturday with a handful of moms and me and one other had the same tank on. And at daycare drop, shopping and lunch I've been called out for being a wearer and that the item was next on their list. But hey, this is Shawnee, not the Grammy's, right?!

Let me know what's in your next little doorstep surprise and don't forget to refer me - mwah!

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