Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Missed Fix

"Yes please. Let's postpone it by a week to ensure it arrives at the new house," I said hurriedly into the phone, another message from the movers beeping through on the other line.

In just minutes the ever-so-helpful customer service team at Stitch Fix was working its magic, moving my package arrival date to accommodate the new digits just a mile away. Thrilled to see it was anticipated on my birthday, I counted down the days, looking forward to the brown box's arrival.

Hey - a girl has to have priorities in a move.

Needless to say, when I went to tear it open, practically ignoring our cake guests, I was quite bummed to find:
Skies are Blue Kinzi Henley Knit Top: Note the darling gal wearing this is
about 1/3 of my size and has a short torso and great arms. When I pulled this
baby out, it looked remarkably like my third grade photo with my
white jean shorts. Plus it requires a tank underneath. Pass.
Though the pattern seemed promising, put it all together
and it felt maternity or fetched from hip Grandma's closet. Pass.
This one was so crazy I can't even turn the pic correctly! Accentuated my
already significant hips, bland colors and felt outdated. Pass
Also in the beautifully branded box were the Tyran open cardigan that could've fit in the category of "wore in grade school" with some Kut distressed jeans that could have been promising had they gone beyond my calves.

So, either my regular stylist and I are off, I'm just not digging this spring's trends (I didn't even adore Nordy's spring catalog - gasp!) or my plan to stick close to Abby Wood Wear to make me look presentable is coming into play. Either way, SF and I are on a break for awhile. And more to come on Abby - swoon!

Here's hoping your boxes continue to be full of delight! And thank gah for multiple styling options...since these suckers were introduced, a gal forgets how to dress herself.

Happy dressing!

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