Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Same Ol' Stunt

"Mom - hey mom! It's only one more day until St. Patrick's Day! That means the leprechaun is going to come back! And bring us some gold! I hope it's in my bed this time..." the Big said excitedly, zero breaths escaping between sentences.

Recently I attended a home party meant to inspire and sell products to enhance family traditions. Mid-way through the event, I think I blurted out something like: "Wait - where's the lesson on how you get them to CARE?!" which was met with some giggles of understanding and perhaps a few blank stares. Living in a household of three boys, there's a quota on hugs, sentiment and talking about days. But the party planner happened to be a BoyMom who had this same experience gave the advice: "You may not think they're into it in the moment, but you'll realize it when they say 'where's the birthday plate we always use?' or 'we can't start Easter dinner without saying what we're thankful for,' you know you've created a tradition."

Remember this and aligning it with the fact the printer still isn't assembled in the new house, I got to work in handwriting the exact same notes as last year, with hopes the Big with the steel trap mind wouldn't recall exactly what they said.

They're sloppy, the shamrocks look slightly phallic and I had to make two trips to the store to actually remember the pot of gold (Rolos), but it will all be worth it come morning. The joy on their faces, the excitement in their voices bouncing off the walls and the millions of questions around how big a leprechaun actually is and how did he get into the house will be something we won't forget.

So just remember, when you're pulling the same ol' stunt, it's called a tradition. And someday they may thank you for it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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