Sunday, December 4, 2016

Life as "Elf"

"Alright kiddos, what movie shall we start with for the holiday season?" I asked, shoving aside all the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown madness to make way for the new holiday.

"ELF!!!" they shouted, twisting their bodies across the couch and quickly moving to a wrestling match.

As I began to watch, I pondered if they like it so much because it resembles their lives, or if it's just that a potty word or two gets thrown in there.

Either way, Will Ferrell and friends nail much of what is everyday in the C house:

1. My children could live on syrup, candy and spaghetti as their major food groups. And me? On that special stuff that gets poured into the coffee cup in the mail room.

2. Agenda making is my number one hobby, even if it's in a Condren vs. an Etch-a-Sketch.

3. Any time I try to hold an adult conversation, it's met with "I painted you a butterfly!" or some other spectacular announcement.

4. My love for Christmas is real.

5. Buddy's affinity for sparkles can only be matched by mine.

6. I'm generally always the biggest one in the room, but with confidence, I can generally shake it.

7."I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite."

8. Pop up clowns are just scary.

9. When the going gets tough, I too hop an Nordstrom.

10. Can't sing.

11. I live with small children who break things as large as TV stands. Difference: they smack each other with it vs. building toys with the pieces.

12. Force family fun is my forte.

13. I love fiercely. And protect my loved ones from snowball bullies.

14. Still scared of the furnace, despite understanding its monstrous purpose.

15. My brother and I still thrive on laughter and shenanigans.

16. Hugs rule. And fix everything.

17. While at work, I frequently consider myself a cotton-headed ninny muggins when trying to keep up with all that talent and timelines.

18. Riding an escalator still invokes fear of falling. Every time.

19. Most of what I set out to do ends up with chaotic results.

20. Firm believer there's room for everyone on the nice list.

What have you cued up on the Netflix for your family to watch so far this season? Happy snuggling!

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