Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Four-Pronged Approach to a New Year

"I don't know, the power of just one word isn't settling well with me," I said to my husband, looking only half-interested as I began the vicious cycle of self-improvement and purging in the New Year.

Hours earlier I sat, a gold-framed chalkboard cradled in my lap, as I tried to bribe the three boys surrounding me to share their wishes for 2017. Things like "for my little brother to cry less" and to "be the world's fastest Dorito eater" were wearing me thin, so I took matters into my own hands.

Shortly after midnight, the sound of fireworks popping outside our new doors and each boy snoozing sound in their place, I thought of what I would strive for in the new year. The previous one had been a jarring one, with world events weighing heavily on our hearts and such significant, surprising changes for our family, it had left us broken and frozen for months at a time. Not to mention the closing months mostly consisting of illness. There was plenty to be thankful for, but admittedly, we were all ready to turn the page.

2017: it's time to pick back up, strap on a smile and get after it. And get grateful.

To document this untapped potential of the new year, just 13 minutes in, I tried a four-prong approach to things:

1. Let go of
2. Priorities
3. Cherish
4. Self-care

The first category includes things like comparisons, FOMO, doing it all and being attached to chaos. The "priorities" list says things like connect, play, reduce spending. In 2017 I will cherish BoyMom moments, more time at home, simplicity and the journey our family is on. And self-care will include going to church more often, reducing emotional eating, more rest and meal planning.

The full list is tucked near my bedside, holding all the newness of the 365 days ahead. Two days in the zen-like state had already passed, but there hasn't been a day yet that I think of the teal ink and what it can mean if I actually do the things I set out to.

This year, may all of your wishes come true. May you find inspiration in the small moments of your everyday. And may some of the most unexpected things bring you joy.

Share your list if you'd like - you never know when you'll be the inspiration someone is looking for.

Cheers to 2017 and you, dear friends.

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CSJordan said...

I love that - keeping the list near your bedside. That's a great idea. I wish you well....and I miss seeing your smiling face in person!
Carla J