Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Groove Is in the Heart

Or in L's opinion...not so much.

Having recently read that dancing with your kiddo can enhance his development (and let's face it, burn some calories off this post-baby body) I decided to give it a shot. Not my best shot by any means (shush those of you who went out with me in college), but you know, a fair shot. So out came the iPod to be placed on the docking station and with a quick touch of the screen, the first song came up:

Don't ask me to explain why this song is on our playlist.

Anyway, a few rump shakes later, the running man, the John Trovolta, the shopping cart, the party in the USA and hand rolls....this is the reaction I got:

That, and a lot of head shaking "no."

Apparently, groove is no longer in the heart. Either that, or Mommy is just a really, really bad dancer.

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