Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is She Worth It?

With the holiday weekend looming around the corner, I had the luxury of ducking out of work early on Friday to catch the hot new film “Eclipse,” part of the popular Twilight series – you know, that little vampire/love story that grossed more than 30M at it’s midnight showing alone?

Attending VIP style, several of my rockin’ female colleagues and I settle into the barcaloungers, the cool leather angled at a perfect 60-degrees, complete with movie-side service, a martini, Milk Duds and the armrests that could comfortable seat four elbows.
“Now THIS is the way to catch a movie,” I say to my friend Toni beside me, already settling in with a Bud Light and popcorn.

Wondering how I could ever return to regular movie seats after this experience (much like my one-time bump up to first class on a recent business trip), the room darkened and I was engrossed in the story that had also had its grip on me when I read the super thick novel, staying up way to late, wondering what Edward, Bella and Jacob would do next. Not to mention that hot mess Victoria.

As it progressed, I ventured into true Megan ADD style and began considering all the story lines around it with this inner dialogue: “Who does Bella really love more? Would I be on Jacob or Edward’s team? Hey – I really like their Volvos. I dig Bella’s wig/extensions in this movie. I really wish my skin sparkled like that in the sun…sure as hell would save me a lot of money. Oh, handmade jewelry – what a nice gift! How did they make their eyes red for this?” And on, and on, and on…thank goodness this was all in my head lest my date Toni feel the need to smack me.

Still enthralled, I did however, have one looming question:

Is she worth it?

I mean, really – Bella must be a combo of Heidi Klum with the personality of Jennifer Garner to get a whole pack of wolves and vampires to unite to protect her. I wish I had that kind of pull. I’m lucky if my husband holds my hand as we’re walking through Westport late at night…

So Bella, whatever mojo you’re rockin’, could you please share?

By the way, pandemonium took over the city for a while when the media blitzed that a star from the movie would attend two local theaters to watch with fans. Though I still haven’t heard whom it was that dropped by, I anticipate my peeps hung out to find out while I went home to the little man.

My guess is it wasn’t Bella. Why? Because, once again, she was probably too busy being wooed by two gorgeous men (boys?) Damn you, Bella. Damn you.

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