Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Know You're a Mom (of a Sick Kiddo) When...

Week of July 30 - The Sick Version

1. You've changed your clothes (with some bathing in between) at least three times before 8:00 a.m. due to projectile activities occurring in the home.
2. Your greatest fear for the day is giving your child 1 oz. of liquid.
3. Your 8- hour work day stretches into 20 to manage the rockings, ounce-givings, wardrobe changes, bathtub dipping, floor and carpet cleaning tasks.
4. The only food in the house consists of baby rice cereal and Pedialyte. You decide that this is also an acceptable breakfast, lunch and dinner for a 30-year old Mom of one.
5. You text a disgusting picture of the aftermath of the "try one ounce of liquid" approach to your husband, further proving that he needs to come home and help out. Immediately.
6. You secretly adore that your child needs his Mommy above all else during this rough time period. All that rocking and cuddling is worth the endless baths and cleanup!
7. You stalk the Price Chopper parking lot before 6:00 a.m. with hopes someone will toss you out Pedialyte, Gerber crackers and throw in a Snickers for your sake...all before the doors open.
8. Your house becomes deserving of a "condemned" sign for the amount of aromas rising from its rooftop (blech!).
9. You, your hubby and even the pooch catch the same virus and are bedridden for two days, trying to care for a near toddler. Of course.
10. Regardless of it all, there is no where else you'd rather be, no one you'd rather nurture, and no one else you'd rather be than Mom during this tough time. Ok, maybe a healthier version of Mom, but Mom nonetheless...
Bonus: You know you're a Mom of a sick kiddo when: it took you five days to post this vs. the five minutes it generally does. Yowzer! Guess that provides you a vision of how the rest of our household is coming along at this point!

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