Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It All Started With Sperry

It all started with these...

An innocent, beyond-precious little pair of nude Sperrys perched in Stride Rite’s window, complete with detailed sides and ties, the kind of leather you can use as a pillow and to top it off…they fit in the palm of my hand. Ridiculous in so many ways because a) my kid doesn’t walk b) therefore he doesn’t wear shoes c) he can’t identify with designer brand names, nor do I want him to d) he’ll outgrow them in a month e) as far as I know he won’t be yachting anytime soon.

But with this list came a plethora of justification for this little find, such as: a) I did pull a horrible Mom move the other day at the Plaza and practically let the little guy burn his feet off standing to view the fountain, so shouldn’t he have some sensible footwear to protect him from these situations? b) he’s a boy, so he doesn’t get nearly the cute stuff chic babies get c) surely those unreasonable ties will help keep the shoes on his feet when he tries to Houdini his way out of them d) think of how many compliments he’ll get on his shoes e) Carter at school just started wearing shoes e) he’ll definitely need them in the toddler room.

Needless to say, the complete asinine purchase now lives in L’s closet to be worn with his new plaid shirt, loose GAP jeans and newsboy cap. Out of control much? I think so.

To top it off, the purchase of the Sperry’s turned into a “Forget Dave Ramsey and your core values” extravaganza that led to these purchases:

- The Kors lookalike booties I've been dreaming about (when I wasn't dreaming about Roberto from "The Bachelorette") and that I feel so LA in it's ridiculous
- Danskos with a little bit of kick and shine for meeting season
- Flats that will go "with everything"
- Hand lotion from L'Occitane
- Boyfriend jeans
- Painters' shirt
- Yet another sparkly tank
- Gorgeous hand towels that will go with my muted nectarine guest bath we'll never get painted

Not to mention a Blue Chip Cookie and a delicious lemon drink from Cold Stone.

Don’t even make me bust out the justification list of these puppies. Just admire how cute they are, will ya? And pass me the Nordy’s catalog…I’m on the hunt for a perfect fall handbag…

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