Friday, August 13, 2010

So, What Makes You Different?

With the latest rum on her “life list” and a glass of the bubbly perched in front of us, I stared in wonder across the marble-lined table, marveling that Karen Walrond, blogger extraordinaire and all around remarkable woman sat in my company. Dressed to suit her style, she was comfortable yet sophisticated, a pair of natural bracelets lining her wrists, earrings that swayed with her purposeful movements, eyes that exuded confidence and experience, skin radiant and even and a smile that was as intoxicating as it was warm. She is the kind of woman that, upon entering a room, felt like an instant friend – one you could learn from, laugh with and share your innermost secrets.

Struggling to find the right words to influence our conversation thanks to the combination of a) leaving my four-month old baby for the first time to travel b) a nasty cold that decided to consume my body c) all-around celebrity envy, I grew thankful as she led the way through our conversation, giggling at her casual commitment to words such as “dude” and “right?” It felt as if I were sitting at the kitchen table at home at one of my treasured girls’ nights.

Then suddenly, she sprung it on me, a question that has been bubbling through my mind ever since she asked. A question that I wanted to so badly to impress her with so that she would remember me, appreciate me and recall me as someone that she too, could develop a friendship with:

"What makes you different?”

You see, Karen is on a quest to find all things unique, positive and beautiful in life – starting with people. A firm believer that everyone is stunning, she recently penned “The Beauty of Different,” photographs faces of ordinary people with extraordinary stories and asks them this question to build upon the graciousness, confidence and vulnerabilities that make this world one that reaps kindness, generosity and spirit in its smallest moments.

As far as answering her request…the jury is still out. Me, a woman who is never at a lack for words, has been humbled, flustered and frazzled by a question so simple, yet so profound. So, like all things challenging, I’m going to start small to get to big by creating a list and seeing where it goes. I’m beginning to think I don’t know myself at all, which makes me a little sad. Or – is this what makes me different? Attempt one:

- Thinks you should wear the big diamonds, use the good dishes and vacuum in your wedding dress
- Extremely emotionally intelligent and perceptive
- Can turn my feet nearly all the way backward
- Believes nothing could have prepared her for how much she’d love her child and is fearful of what would happen if anything negative ever happened to him
- Obsessed with tattoos but can’t commit to one (in fact, have already had one removed)
- Love for all things that sparkle (smiles, shoes, jewels, shiny pavement, light, etc.)
- Natural swimmer – just got in one day when a small child and did four laps
- Can type and read at record paces
- Gains confidence from others’ opinion of herself
- Thinks a messy house means you’re really living life
- Tears up immediately at stories involving children or a beautiful sunset
- Has a love affair with Prosecco
- Favorite times of year include Valentine’s and Mother’s Day and back to school
- Thinks chocolate, massage and a bubble bath really can soothe the soul
- Loses her breath over a stunning pair of shoes, a great handbag or just one glimpse of her child
- Is baffled by the patterns we follow as humans, both in our first year of life and well beyond
- Curses whoever created makeup
- Will plan any party – particularly a wedding, shower or birthday
- Is torn between being a glamour girl vs. the girl next door
- Can beat herself up for a simple mistake for well over a day
- Is certain friends mean family
- Thinks compromise with a spouse can be really, really tough, but is extremely important
- Believes that transparency and communication can fix all sorts of things
- Feels most comfortable in an old house that has floors that creak
- Is nearly certain we know nearly nothing about hormones
- Agrees that socialization is key to our survival
- Believes you unconsciously choose your partner based on what’s missing in your soul
- Affirms that deep down, we’re all equals
- Has no appetite for politics, but a hearty one for food
- And much, much more…I’ll keep you posted

So, dear friend, what do you think makes me different? And better yet, what makes you different?

Think about it…let me know…


Meg said...

From a colleague:
Two things come to mind after reading your latest entry:

#1 - I know no one else who loves things that sparkle as much as you. I like that about you. It makes me smile.

#2 - I just HAD to Google “Prosecco” to see what that was. 

September Wifey said...

I also love Prosecco, or a good bottle of Late-Harvest Riesling.

I don't know what makes me different, either. I will have to ponder.