Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preppin' to Party

“Soooo, what are you doing for his birthday party?” – a question I’m asked recurrently as of late, with a milestone of year one behind us as soon as September 13. To which my response is way too long, overly excited and of course, perfectly planned for now secretly six months.

To combat the slight sadness I feel for leaving the baby years behind, the hubby and I are planning for an all out intimate bash to welcome in the toddler years for the amazing ones they promise to be. Here’s the plan:

Theme: Storybook
Invites: “Mr. Birthday” books lined with an insert created by graphic artist, Eric Gapsch
Guests: Around 30 of our nearest and dearest, decked out in their day-to-day or their favorite storybook character
Place: Nana and Poppa’s House – because it’s always spotless!
Activities: guests will be asked to share their favorite first-year memory of the little man, which we’ll save for him to recall fondly one day; slide show, pictures, “poster session” of favorite milestones and guzzling of adult beverages
Gifts: guests have been asked that if they choose to bring a present, to please bring a board book that will be donated to Children’s Mercy patients here in KC; since our little squirt is so completely blessed, it’s time to pay it forward!
Smash Cake: Chosen by Daddy from his favorite nearby bakery, mimicking the cover of Lawson’s favorite book “I Love You Through and Through”
Food: Light appetizers that align with children’s reads; example: Jen’s famous meatballs will be accompanied by the book “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”
Drink: Mike has brewed his own beer for the occasion, which will be affectionately called “913,” both for his son’s birth date and for our area code (representin’ Joco!)
Birthday boy’s attire: prince hat and customized tee, complete with GAP jeans of course and Converse sneakers
The memories: priceless

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to it. One could even say we’re channeling a bit of Tori and Dean, minus the baby goats, ball pit and cotton candy. But, I can’t imagine a better reason to celebrate and go overboard, can you?

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Unknown said...

Dear Team Choate,
Please post a picture of Lawson's Birthday cake when you have one! I'd love to see it! Or e-mail me at

And - Happy Birthday, Lawson!!!

Bernadette Rossetti Shustak