Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Your "Flava" This Fall

As the days have ticked by the last few weeks, my mind has been restless with thoughts of an upcoming meeting season, the millions of toddler transitions that seem to all be happening at once and the endless pursuit of self improvement we all struggle with day-to-day on about a billion topics. So instead of wallowing in that hot mess, I wanted to venture into something mindless. Join me, will you?

Question: with summer near its end, what trends will you follow this fall?

Here's a glimpse at pieces of my retort:

1. Spend more time observing my son's smiles than the second hand on my watch

2. Sport blue nail polish

3. Don sassy booties (oh wait, you've already heard about those three times on this blog alone)

4. Rest more at home

5. Continue to support the pop-up frozen yogurt joints that have every delectable topping imaginable

6. Purge "stuff" in our home

7. Use personalized, "handwritten" eNotes

8. Recycle glass

9. Yogalites

10. Dress more classic vs. trendy

11. Avoid the news

12. Down seasonal beers

13. Snarf Mellow pumpkins - for sure

14. Live in the moment

15. Jump in the leaves

16. Be the best I can be at all my various roles, but in a gracious, forgiving way

17. Give back, give back, give back!

These are just some "trends" that come to mind. Now, what's your "flava" for fall?

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