Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneak Peek

“Where are you going?” Mike said sleepily, his mouth half-covered with his (ridiculous) Star Wars pillowcase. The clock read nearly 3:00 a.m. and I was making yet another sly attempt to sneak out of bed to steal away and obsess about the kiddo’s upcoming birthday this week. “Just gotta send a quick email,” I say, knowing well he was already flipped on the other side, deeply occupied with his snore routine.

You see, though I’m positively bananas over planning the little guy’s birthday, similar to how I am when it comes to any soiree, I may be slightly too focused on it in an effort to avoid the bucket of emotions that comes with a child turning one. More on that to come. For now, just pass me the tissues as I create his slide show, watch that Rice Krispy treat commercial with the kid’s locker combination from his Mom on it and stow away my own child’s “baby toys” in the basement. .

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all that are so kind to ask and are interested in the event a few things I forgot to include on my first post. Here is a sneak peek at a few things I didn’t mention before that we’re pumped about:

- The cake: my original vision shattered due to copyright challenges, I found this amazing piece online and decided to hop up to Hy-Vee and see if they could do something similar within our budget. At our 20-minute conference (I bet they don’t get many freaky parents like me in there!), we created a cake that I could only have dreamed about. The first layer is chocolate and will be themed around “I Love You Through and Through,” the second layer is vanilla and is themed around “Little Feet Love” and the top layer will be marble and highlight “Peekabo I Love You.” Also, a little “1” candle will perch on top. A storybook feast!

- Personalized gift: checking out at Von Mauer one evening, we spotted the most darling book called “My Very Own Name,” in which different animals carry down letters of your child’s name to spell it and tells a tale around it. It’s beyond precious and something I want to purchase for all of my friends’ kiddos when they hit this milestone. We had it inscribed in the front as well – hopefully something he (or we) will hold on to for years to come.

- Guest book: needing some inspiration at Mom’s group the other night when we attended open art night, I painted the cover of the “Mr. Birthday” book and will have guests sign around it, a momento Lawson can hold on to recall the people that meant so much to him in his first year.

- Memory box: guests will be asked to share their favorite memory with the birthday boy in his first year. Plus, this will prove my point to my Dad that yes, I will use the glass vase from the wedding again...

- Birthday boy gear: we decided to splurge and split the piggy bank open to get this little tee. It arrives Friday from the LittleOneBoutique I found on etsy, and I’m pumped to see how darling he will look in it, particularly paired with his worn, wide-leg jeans (ridiculous, I know…) Meanwhile, I’ll probably show in a tee I’m trying to hide my post-baby stomach in and a pair of boyfriend jeans that show almost my entire hiney, but hey – L is the only focus, right?!

- Centerpieces: besides books to match the appetizers, his toys! Bright, mostly shiny, and a whole lot of fun, they are the perfect accessory to the evening.

T-minus five days and counting. Not to mention Uncle Ryan is flying in for the event. This is sure to be an evening we’ll never forget. Counting down the days, Mr. Birthday!

PS: Two of my best friends shared the same birthday week as our little guy, so we want to wish them the warmest, most fabulous celebrations! One involved a time capsule (how cool is that?) and the other has an invite that features her darling girl draped in pearls and a tutu. To die for! We've already pinkie swore to plan better or together next year. So looking forward to celebrating your little ones!

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