Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top 10 Reasons We're Certain the Kiddo Is Mine...

Week of September 26

1. Though we love adorable shoes, we can’t be bothered with them. They cramp our style with their restrictive nature and stuff. Maybe flip-flops on a nice day…if only someone will invent those for one-year olds.
2. When served mostly delicious food that is somehow masked with something healthy, we’ll manage to pick out the nutritious stuff and wolf down the yummy goods. Example: toddler spits out egg masked in the yogurt while Mommy picks around vegetables to consume cheese in a casserole.
3. When others cry, we cry. We can’t help it – we wear our hearts on our sleeves. So if you need empathy with a side of sympathy, stop by.
4. Daddy, at times, has a hard time understanding our language. Example: growling/whining when toddler can’t get the lid off something means “take care of this for me” ironically, a death stare from Mommy means the exact same thing.
5. We’re social butterflies – show us the way to a party and we’re there.
6. Dogs make us smile (ok, and shriek), and we will stop whatever we are doing to acknowledge them.
7. When we don’t get our way, we tend to let others near us know about it. In fact, toddler has picked up on tossing things over the balcony, much like Mommy did when she was three in an effort to “make a statement.”
8. We’re not afraid to get a little dirty – it’s what makes life so adventurous and fun.
9. Our hineys stick out of the back of our pants, and our little potbellies out the front. For some reason, it’s cute on the toddler, but no so much on the Mom.
10. We love to dance. I mean, really love to dance. Make it soft rock, R&B or Toddler Tunes, and we’ve got our hands in the air.

Let’s hope he picks up some of Daddy’s good habits here soon…

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