Sunday, September 26, 2010

Otherwise Engaged

I fumbled for my iPhone, hearing its insistent ring muffled somewhere in the confines of my Tumi I’d been toting around for a straight week, the fatigue of a 100-hour work week settling in further as I grew annoyed with the sound. Finally spotting the pink case, I grabbed the fingerprinted screen to check to see what last minute thing may be needed back at the hotel now that the weekend loomed before us. Instead, I was greeted with the identity “Rynny,” and felt the foul mood slip right away, crossing my fingers he was calling with the good new. Sure enough…

“Hi Meggie,” he said, his voice an octave higher than usual, his pace a bit quicker as there was no pause between the next phrase:

"We’re engaged!”

Causing a scene on 47th street, I dropped my bags and meeting evaluations and focused on the news at hand, begging for every last detail, even the ones he most likely couldn’t recall. I didn’t care that others were staring at me as I gabbed into my phone, congratulating him and praising him for a job well done – an important conversation to have with the groom to be, whereas the bride phone call would go very different of course. But that call on “how did you feel? Did you like the ring? Were you surprised? What girls did you call?,” etc. would come shortly after. I listened as he described the romantic scene that had taken place just hours before, coming alive like the fairytale he had intended it to be. Recalling the hours he had obsessed over this, biting my head off one minute and asking me for help the next, I was relieved they both thought the romantic gesture had been spot on to kick off their happily ever after. I won’t share their story, because it’s theirs, but let’s just say it involves an art gallery, wooden blocks, one shocked gal, some champagne and a beautiful, sparkling ring topped with a “yes.”

Speaking of gal, I can’t imagine a more complimentary fit to my amazing brother – a pair so well matched that tough conversations may respectfully be had, good times will be celebrated, quirks will be accepted, memories will be magical and a lifetime of goodness, peace and love will pave their every journey. Not to mention she’s freakin’ gorgeous, understands my obsession with handbags, has olive skin and thighs that don’t touch, is amazing with children, is one smart cookie, is my partner in crime with board games because we can read each other’s minds and fits well into our admittedly odd family. She’s perfect. And I can’t wait to love her even more.

Congratulations Erica and Ryan – may the love you felt in that magical moment light a spark for the lifetime that lies ahead. And always know, we’ll be supporting you and cheering you on from the Choate family sidelines.

Now, let’s get wedding planning, shall we?

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