Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Here! It's Here!

“You’re telling me you’re actually going to drive your behind to FedEx even though the little note they left said they’re going to deliver it tomorrow?” Mike says in disbelief, most likely trying to correlate how the girl who won’t even rinse her dish after dinner will physically get into her car to pick up a package. But, as any true lady knows, one will do anything for jewelry…

So alas, it’s here in all it’s glory, even more fabulous than I could’ve imagined. There is so much to love: from the light weight on my neck, it’s perfect shape, the font, the shininess, the significant meaning behind it and of course the anticipation of questions and comments on such a unique piece. You know, the piece I’ve been lusting after that now resides squarely on my neck? Yes, it’s here. It’s mine. And I love, love, love it.

Thanks again to Mike’s colleague who is an avid reader and spilled the beans, working her feminine magic that involves guilt to push him to purchase it for our anniversary. I’ll go to bat any day for you girl. Because this item, I just love.

Did I mention that already?

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