Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Needing a Lift

No, this post isn't in response to the fact that we're near weaning and the "girls" are never gonna be the same...but don't think it's not something I've pondered!

Instead, I want to write a senseless ramble in an effort to erase the "badness" of the day, to restore my faith in humanity and remind me that, as the saying goes: "Life Is Good."

Today has been the kind of day that started way to early with priorities completely out of whack. The kind of day that, instead of letting your child naturally wake with a smile, snuggle in your arms, dance to his song and read a few books, begins with whisking him off to school half-asleep, biting back tears as it takes two teachers to remove him from your neck. It was the kind of morning that, despite best efforts, left me feeling as the energy I am putting toward work isn't resulting in anything at all. The kind of day that hard-to-swallow emails are exchanged, the weather warrants swinging instead of meeting, and bad news seems to hit you from a million directions. The kind of afternoon that leaves you fearful of what man is capable of, and wondering exactly what kind of happy pills we all need to be on to reverse some of this madness. The kind of day that, though you know it's just not that rough and you need to spend every moment being grateful, still feels a bit hard. So, how did I find my happy place?


A perfect marriage of edge and style, black leather and grommets, heels that can last for hours, and a zipper up the back followed by a unique slope near the ankle. The kind of shoe that "isn't like you at all," turns heads, particularly paired with the right top and boyfriend jeans, and are paid frequent visits throughout the day.

Call me superficial. Expect that instead I should have called on a higher power or Oprah. But, these, paired with this:

Made it allllllll better.

I needed a lift. So sue me that it came in 3-inch heels...

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