Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Make a Man Smile

Ok, don’t even go there…this isn’t that type of blog! Though I’m certain that will work 100-percent of the time, and a clean house, fresh-cooked meal, guys’ night out and a Sunday full of sports would work too, but instead of going the hard route, I made my man grin with:

A home brewing kit.

He went straight up bananas over this. Sure, I was expecting he’d like it and get a kick out of the tie in to the “modern” gift of a four-year wedding anniversary as an “applicance,” but I never expected him to respond with: “I don’t even want to go out anymore tonight. I just want to stay home and read the books and brew!” Ok, not the ideal response when you’re awaiting your first date night in several months, but a positive reaction to a gift nonetheless. Normally I get something more like: “I told you not to get anything! How much did it cost?” Sigh. Not a gal’s favorite retort when her love language is gifts.

So, this relatively inexpensive, not too time consuming but diverting enough hobby begins. I highly recommend making the trek out to the Homebrew store in Olathe, where a very friendly gentleman awaits your questions on hopps, yeast, boiling and more. Plus, he’ll nearly convince you to support your wine habit at home by throwing some mathematical equations at you with the money you’ll save. I said almost…

Happy brewing to you, my hubby of four years. May it bring you the kind of joy nail painting, sparkly shoes and oodles of jewelry and champagne brings to me. And yes, I’ll take down the “honey do” list for a few hours so you can enjoy…but you’ll owe me some of those five gallons.

P.S.: The first of his masterpiece will make its debut at L’s first birthday party in September. It will be affectionally called “913” both for our Joco area code and the little man’s birth date. Now that’s fatherly love…

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