Friday, October 15, 2010

Step One

“Ok, I’ll bring…er, MAKE cupcakes for the party…see you then!” I waved to the half-time teacher, making a mental note not to forget a quick run to the bakery for the harvest party next week. You know, to find some delicious, fluffy cakes that look like I had spent hours dropping the perfect amount of frosting, painting on pumpkin faces and made with the kind of love only a mother can achieve. Yeah…mothers who never sleep maybe…

Stealing one last glance toward my son, I marvel at the profile of his cheeks, still lined with babyness, but his eyes growing wiser and braver with the passing of the minutes and caught my breath like I do so many times when indulging in these moments. As I pivot to walk away, Miss Shannon stops and greets me with her kind smile, then launches right into:

“I hear Lawson took his first few steps here yesterday!”

Caught off guard, I watched as she assessed my body language, and then carefully caught myself training my body to relax and respond to this information. I was delighted to find that indeed, I was thrilled to hear the news.

“Oh yes – how exciting! We’re so excited!” were the words I felt come stumbling out of my mouth, my body continuing to make its way to the door in the urge to grab the phone and call Mike to see if there was something he forgot to share yesterday from pickup.

I had heard about this moment. About the rules that exist at day cares that “your child never takes their first step with us.” Well, I was about to bust up this covert operation going down right here.

Still processing, I grabbed for the pink coolness of my phone and spoke excitedly into the voice dial, calling for Mike’s work. Answering on the second right, I dive right in:

“Sooo – how is work?” I ask, this seemingly normal as I generally call to report how drop off went in the morning. After some meaningless dabbling back and forth, I push harder…

“Um, is there anything L’s teachers shared with you yesterday that we forgot to chat about?”

Silence…followed by a whole lot of “ummms” and some questions to buy time. Had he had a Twix in front of him, I think the non-sweets guy would’ve even stooped to that level.

Finally: “They weren’t supposed to tell you!!!! I told them not to tell you!”

Apparently, the director had not become part of this plan, leaving Momma in the know.

So, the first steps have been had. And I couldn’t be more excited. It’s a little bit like Santa…you don’t quite see him, but you know he exists with all the delicious presents and joy and cheer in the world all tucked into his round belly and mysterious bag.

And thanks, Miss Shannon, for being a whistle blower. Don’t fret – the first time I see the magic of one in front of the other will be like all my little dreams coming true all at once and it won’t matter when, where, how or why.

Because, after all, it’s just step one. And there are so many more amazing ones to come.

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