Tuesday, October 26, 2010


“So, we’re doin’ it, huh? The whole eight hours?”

“Dang straight we are Momma – it’s a national holiday!”

What: Holiday Mart
Who: Mom as a partner in crime – she’s the only one that gets my obsession and can hang the full day with limited bathroom and snack breaks (must be done on the run)
Where: Overland Park Convention Center
When: a Friday, which totally warrants a vacation day and leads into ladies’ night
Why: because it rocks and you get totally consumed with meaningless materialism. But hey – some of the proceeds go to good causes, right?! Plus you can drink and eat while you shop for sparkly, monogrammed, unique, fabulous items. I’m on a high just reliving it…

So, what did we get this year? Watch and you shall see…
Lawson's Goods

Food Stash

Wild wear

BoyMom finds


Best for last - soon to be personalized "Choate Cove" teepee!

Thank you Mom, for continuing to support my habit. When they come out with a patch for the addiction, I’ll consider it.

Cheers to Holiday Mart 2010! Already counting down until next year…

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