Monday, March 26, 2012

Bunny Shots

"I promise honey, if you wear your handsomes, I will bring your Jayhawks and change you as soon as we're done," I promised, thinking to myself if this was any indication on how easily the photo shoot was going to go, we might as well save some high-dollar gas and call it a lazy Saturday.

But alas, Mom picked the hard battle. But look, it was totally worth it!:

How Jordan Photography scored these great shots between wrestling matches, coercing out of the corner, conversations regarding poo and mini meltdowns, I'll never know. In fact, after I mandated a removal of grandparents and myself to help make it all happen, I swear I only saw two flashes. Props to that fabulous Jovi gal who is some kind of pre-school whisperer...

And to answer the first three questions I'm immediately asked: a) no, the bunnies didn't poop during the scene, nor were they skittish or biting b) I was intrigued by the subject line of an email "The bunnies are coming!" to open the communication and immediately secure a spot (so keep this in mind should you need something from a big client soon) c) yes darling girls the same age as little dude arrived in matching Easter tutus, monogrammed baskets and patten shoes and perfectly posed with a bunny tucked beneath their chins.

But alas, he's my honey. My honey bunny. Who I'm pumped took some shots that are sunny.

Happy early Easter all!

Apologies for the poor quality of photos; note these are pics of Jordan Photography pics. If you can't find me near Easter, check the slammer, not the bunny slopes...

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