Monday, May 21, 2012

Nearly Bronzed

“Girls – we gotta get some bling. This gal loves metal around her neck!” I said, working to lighten the mood as we stood with our hands on our hips, rotating our aching knees and toweling off two hours of sweat from our brow.

As our team captains shouted game plans, we dove ball after leather white ball, flinging our over-30 bodies into formations they hadn’t seen in quite some time. We laughed, apologized, used profanity, wrangled perfect strangers into being line judges and laughed again as we struggled our way to the top. Saturday evening we forged our way to the championship games and tonight…

We were nearly bronzed.

No, not the “slip into Celsius tannery” type, but the Olympic medal type. But for Corporate Challenge.

Another great season under our belt and only four points from the victory.

So will we really retire?

Not me. I’m holding out for that bronze around my neck and my picture snapped just like the ol’ glory days. We 30 and 40 somethings don’t have many of those moments anymore you know. Instead it's mostly about the sprained wrists, bruised knees and barrels of ice to indulge in when we return home. There's a reason M packs the first aid kit...

So ya, I’m still holding out for the gold, silver or bronze.

Meanwhile, I’ll take the other kind if you have some. My legs are looking pretty pale to be sporting summer attire. Good thing I won’t be able to move them for a few days anyway after these volleyball shenanigans. 

But it was totally worth it to be nearly bronzed.

Go team CHA!

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