Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nutso for Nordys

One intense work day later and in an effort to completely avoid packing, I found myself at none other than Nordys, the land of utopia when one needs a little retail therapy. Better yet, it's the half-yearly sale for women and kids. So despite having no business being there whatsoever, I found myself with three packages in the crook of my elbow this evening, including:

Ok, so these weren't on the sale rack, but come on...the new TOMS ballet flats that just arrived this morning?

These items may have landed in my bag as well:


I anticipate being in BIG trouble lately with the hubs, thereby receiving a lecture on Dave Ramsey and how this doesn't align with our "get rid of all our stuff" plan. But I can't help it:

I'm nutso for Nordys.

Hit the sale this week! You will be too.

And grab a pomegranate lemonade while you're there too, won't you?

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