Sunday, December 29, 2013


This year, to really make the season feel the merriest of all, our parents splurged and bought us the greatest gift: togetherness! So we boarded a plane and headed to the ATL to officially kick off the season with our beloved bro and sis in law:

Only to have it mostly fall flat with the FLU ROUND TWO.

Like a firing squad, it started with Nana and took her down, leaving her feeling guilty and housebound in the in-laws gorgeous home, praying she wouldn't get them sick and Cloroxing their amazing abode. Next it went for my brother and his wife, leaving them bed bound for the day and enabling the quarantine mode as we were staying at their house for the long weekend. Finally it took out dear ol' Papa on a day he was expected to board his plane, then shared its love with the in laws themselved. Ay yay aye. Needless to say little celebrating or ugly sweater 5king occurred. However, there were a few pockets of awesomeness, such as a quick visit to the aquarium, a nice walk outside and lots of together time huddled in pajamas.

Because really, who better to be sick with than those you love?

Thank you to R&E for being stellar hosts for better or worse. And for being at your best when you're at your worst, particularly with four house guests, two of them under the age of five! We love you and miss you already.

And next time we come, let's have the city earn it's name of Hotlanta back vs. Flulanta, shall we?!

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