Sunday, January 19, 2014

Don't Steal Her

But you better damn well borrow her, because I tell you she's straight up amaze balls. Beyond professional, you'd marry her because you can now, could she just live with you amazing.

I'm talking about Amy.

Amy oddly enough came into our lives as a Christmas present, the gift itself being a once per month house cleaning (pssst, Moms - this is the best.present.ever). Last year this similar gift came in as a Maria. Then a Suzanne. And a Katie, etc.

But this year, Amy may has well have been every stocking stuffer and sparkling gift under that entire tree for the work and care she provides in our home.

Amy is one of those gals that leaves everything better than she found it. I'm not just talking in a Clorox kind of a way (though she's killer with that too), but in a kind hearted, I'm going to be sweet with your children, double check your appointment time and follow up with you to ensure it's up to your standards kind of way. The dog bowls are wiped out, the outside of the trashcan scoured, the laundry room able to walk through kind of way. The make the bed with perfect corners and put your child's lovey adoringly on top and I knew better than to have washed him kind of way. The "I went ahead and did a few loads of laundry and folded them while I was cleaning" kind of way. The "I went ahead and replaced your dish soap because I noticed you were almost out" kind of way. This is all on top of carefully dusted blinds, sparkling floors and sinks, gorgeous vacuum lines and flawless countertops. Did I mention she removed the storage thingy that goes over the shower head and shined each little rung?! Swoon!

Added bonus: Amy doesn't cluck her tongue in judgement as she works her magic or lecture you on the cleanliness level of your abode (here's looking at you Maria). Because really, don't we have enough guilt and receive plenty of "feedback" already that we don't need the helpful cleaning person weighing in?!

Fair warning: she wears ear buds, so approach her periferal very physically so you don't scare the crap out of her. We don't need her keeling over from heart issues now, particularly since you're all going to go out and call her immediately.

To Amy, who makes our lives more breathable and bearable and keeps us focused on what matters: time with our children. Who is fun, trustworthy and just plain stellar at her job. We appreciate you, adore you and think you're top notch.

Please never go. My pals reading this can beg and borrow, but never steal because we need you back. Otherwise it's an episode of hoarders for this Choate house.

Message me for contact info!

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