Thursday, January 2, 2014


Er, I mean...a really relaxing area in which he can play and explore!

Given Squeak's new affinity for army crawling at lighting speed toward anything he should NOT touch, we ditched the fence thingy and went for a larger play yard for those moments when Mama just needs to turn her back for a second. You know, to hit the ladies room alone (ha), put out fires on the stove or tend to the four year old requiring dressing assistance.

The Joovy is awesome! A decent price point, it's easy to set up, simplistic looking and has large square footage for your wee one to enjoy his toys, attempt jail escapes through the mesh and still hang with the family all while safely sitting on his tush vs. eating his brother's army men in the corner. Easy to maneuver and stick in a variety of rooms, Squeak enjoys up to 30 minutes in their on his own with a gaggle of Fisher Price friends. We can still giggle and chat through the mesh and he can interact with his older sibling without a constant battle ensuing and the 210th talk of "what fits through a toilet paper roll is safe to still have out on the floor" chat. Because let's face it, that one isn't super motivational for superheroes of a certain age. Plus it just gets them going with the word toilet. Boys...

So if your home isn't super conducive to gates or you need some peace of mind, your wee one enjoy the Joovy. It's groovy!

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