Thursday, November 20, 2014

Be Fun. Be Well. At Work!

“This is awesome…just what I was hoping for in a new culture!” I exclaimed as I rolled sticky play-dough through my palms, the green tinting my freshly painted nails.

It was the start of Mental Health Wellness Week, the perfect time for behavioral health companies like our own to practice what they preach. And so we did with:

Monday: MOVE
Employees were asked to submit pictures of how they move their bodies during the week to keep their minds healthy. And although chasing a toddler and working to avoid screeching at the top of my lungs at times may not be the healthiest of choices, I forwarded this little fella:

Winners announced Monday, but I’m hopeful this is a creative twist from the treadmill pics submitted.

Tuesday: PLAY
Colleagues arrived at work to find a colorful tub of delight placed at their keyboards with the directive to partner with their teams and photograph their works of art. The results were incredible! Our team was yearning for warmer temps and a break from the norm, so went with the beach theme:

Wednesday: THANK
“Someone forgot to sign this card for me!” my cube mate replied, confused by the blank note that shouted “thank you” on the front. An email was quick to follow, asking employees to send some words of appreciation, unsigned to a pal within the building to be distributed by end of week. With all the support and awesomeness experienced in my first 20 days, it was a tough call on who to thank, but a fun exercise nonetheless.

Thursday: LAUGH
Given laughter is the best medicine, a video was streamed to employees featuring the senior leaders on why working in behavioral health is awesome. Just like the movies, the outtakes were the best and was a nice insight to the head honchos’ personalities.

Though the eve of the weekend is not yet here, a cookie contest and white elephant exchange is on the books. I’ll be whipping up those delicious
Oreo Blondies disguised as cookies to see if they stand a chance. And Magic Mike’s glowing gloves from a Halloween costume two years ago will make it into the elephant exchange pile.
It was fun. It made me feel well. And all at a work. Awesome!

Wishing you wellness at work, home and everything in between!


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