Sunday, November 9, 2014

Monday Momfessions: November 10 Week

"That Moment" Issue

1. That moment when you realize you're the only parent who dressed up on Halloween and showed up as such at the school party. #anythingforthekids

2. That moment when you realize those parents that put their kids on leashes may be on to something.

3. That moment you have to call the school director and ask if your children have been picked up yet due to your awesome communication skills with your spouse.

4. That moment when your son decides to plant one on a friend's kisser while all the parents watch from the soccer sidelines. Two hands like the romance movies and all.

5. That moment when you go ahead and announce to the entire Panera restaurant that you are sorry for your child's behavior and decide to leave a tip for whoever may be scarred nearby given the lack of servers.

6.  That moment when you find yourself straddling the park slide to accommodate the stuck five year old and eager 18 month old. That next moment when your realize you're still in your work dress of the day.

7. That moment when the 11 minutes of whining regarding thirst finally gives into handing over your Tervis Tumbler. The one that's been in your car for four days. Of note: there's was water in it. Of note 2: it never hurts to sniff first.

8. That moment when a new co-worker asks about your children and you find yourself listing the youngest as "hell on wheels."

9. That moment where you first bail on date night, then bail on family night, only to bail into your bed by 7:45 p.m. out of shear exhaustion. The next moment when you awake and remind your husband that he has to take both children to the dentist, the youngest for the first time, and begin to think your husband may just bail on the marriage at this point.

10. That moment when you start a new job and both children get sick on different days. The next moment when you forget to tell the teachers the side effects of the medicine and they call said new work with an extreme concern about the contents of the Little's diapers.

What's been your moment this week, parents?

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