Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Touch of Cupid

It's no secret this Pisces is a lover of cupid's holiday, our front door adorned in half-ripped gooey hearts, the hall table full of pink and red gobstoppers and the boys' Valentines carefully plotted for their every event.
Mantle flair, courtesy of Target and Lawson's craftsmanship
A warm greeting to our home
Mr. Roboto love

A manicured expression
What Lawson will gift his Valentines
What Liam will provide his pals
This year the celebrations will be a bit more low-key with a big work project occupying the midnight hours and the fact we're constantly chasing time. But we'll still make it a priority to whip up those heart-shaped pancakes, sneak in a massage, eat lots of chocolate and design some cards for the patients at Children's Mercy.

Wishing you and yours lotsa love this holiday and all the days to follow! 

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