Thursday, February 26, 2015

15 Signs You've Survived a Rebrand

1. Cursing in your cube is reduced by approximately 11-percent.

2. Bag stuffing is no longer a core competency to your role.

3. Every item in your office, home and car has your company logo on it.

4. Your family remembers your name and kind of what your face looks like.

5. Helvtica font is the straw that's going to break you, the camel's back.

6. That or the 101st complaint that the logo is too big on the email signature.

7. Your boss finally moves to number two on your most frequently dialed numbers.

8. You can start seeing teal again like a normal person vs. a PMS or CMYK color.

9. Box deliveries now excite you vs. giving you a panic attack.

10. Your best friend starts to learn as much about you again as your ad agency.

11. You eat lunch. In a break room for 10 minutes.

12. Your zen aura is now legit.

13. You can cut your Ambien at night in half and still sleep eight hours.

14. The concern of "what is it I'm going to be responsible for after this launches? becomes real.

15. You remember to go to the bathroom.

To my marketing pals - you get it, right?! And to the amazing colleagues who have helped make the vision and dream come to life - thank you. The first four months have been a wild ride and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Cheers to the new brand and all that is to follow!

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