Friday, March 13, 2015

In Fixes - Again!

"3/12/2015: box #2 arrives today and I'm so excited I practially feel like sending a birth announcement."

That was my Facebook status this week. And lo and behold Stitch Fix delivers again:

Market & Spruce Angela Quilted Detailed Blouse

Fat Hilde Leopard Print Dolman Sweater

Collective Concepts Adela Embroidered Split Neck Top

Bay to Baubles Christy Layered Bauble Necklace in Navy

A pair of Kut jeans also came in the pack, the promise of denim fitting over these baby-holding hips coming very close to reality.

Of this, the blue blouse and leopard sweater will make the wardrobe cut, the most beloved of the pieces and still within budget. The cobalt shirt is uber comfortable, hiding all the right places (upper arms and tummy), is a show-stopping color and can be dressed up or down. Washable and with a pop of surprise in the back - a quilted pattern - it's the perfect blend of wanting to feel feminine and youthful while still fitting my age group. The animal print sweater is comfortable and the perfect length, bracing the hips and leaving plenty of room in the wobbly parts. Soft, vibrant and easily paired with accessories, it also has a hint of pink trimming the bottom, making it fun to pair with some obnoxiously bright flats.

Tish knocked it out of the park again and even better, she considered the pieces I had purchased from before, helping me build a versatile wardrobe. Next up, I'll challenge her to prepare me for my first vacation in five years and maybe even take the denim challenge again, the Kut still being a bit long and tight at initial wear. And this time we'll skip the baubles (one of my favorite parts of shopping because they always fit) and maybe request a flirty skirt or dress for spring.

Have you fixed yet?

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