Saturday, March 21, 2015

Summer Suit Up

"Seriously - he cradles my ta-tas when under duress. It's like he reverts back to the infant stage. Or maybe he's just a man..." I said to my Mom as she delivered the honest, brutal truth during a brave, had-to-have-a-cocktail first swimsuit try on marathon.

This year's requirements were different than last's, the results of nursing two children, being at my heaviest weight and reaching that magic age of 35 having changed my mindset. Plus the above description that Little L tries to pull at swim lessons right before he enters a 30-minute meltdown of aquatic joy. If I had my way, a tarp or some kind of A-line waterproof onesie would've been ideal in picking this year's suit, but apparently no one has invented those yet...

So it goes I ended up with this little number from Macy's:

Not too shabby. Under the hundy mark and made of durable material, an appropriate pattern that proves some rucking at the waist and capable of surviving weekly trips to the pool with a 2 and 5 year old make it ideal. Some wires that hike up the girls who have given up and enough material to cover the entire deiriere are also a bonus.  Requirements met.

Had it made me look 10 pounds lighter I would've dropped another $200 on it, but...

What will you sport this season?

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