Friday, March 13, 2015

Yum, Yum Gimme Some - Chocolate Cookies!

"Yes, so the standard Sloppy Joes with some sides about Texas Sheet cake cookies?! I spotted it on Pinterest."

I could practically hear the roll of my husband's eyes among the ESPN as he began to imagine the mess that was to unfold in the kitchen. But with a neighbor and dear friend who had recently welcomed her second son - it was a tear-up-the-kitchen must. Every new mom deserves chocolate!

And so it came to be that batches of Texas Sheet Cake Cookies from OMG Choccolate Desserts were born.

So easy even this un-domestic goddess can tackle them, they are a fabulous second to the actual sheet cake or my bestie's brownies with a layer of frosting so delicious, one can't feel her teeth afterward. Simply give yourself about 45 minutes, grab a 5-year old helper and follow the instructions.

Oh - and double the batch. You'll want some for yourself too.

Happy baking!

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